ETHOS - The Reason We Exist

At Mirror Coffee Roasters we like to keep it simple, our tag line is: "Reflect what's good."
Our goal is to present quality coffees through meaningful relationships and bring connection across the supply chain via visual storytelling.

So what how did this come together and what does this look like?

The founders of Mirror Coffee Roasters, two brothers- Mark and Sergei Kutrovski come from a ministry and missions background. During their time in ministry they came to realize that owning and operating a business is a viable way of impacting lives through ethical practices, and also the means of connecting with people around the globe to share the Good News. This is the core, reflecting God to the world.

During his time in missions, Sergei spent many years in coffee producing nations. It was in Indonesia that Sergei saw the vision of what Mirror Coffee Roasters was to be. After spending some time seeking counsel and sharing with his friend Taylor, Sergei pursued a career in coffee as a means of fostering long term relationships in coffee producing nations as well as generating a market for coffee beans sourced through those relationships.

Taylor, working with coffee in Indonesia
Mirror's current project with Taylor, in Indonesia, is focused on investing into local coffee producers by providing necessary tools, education, and resources to elevate coffee quality and yield.

Taylor has been on the ground in Indonesia for 8 years. He is fully integrated into the culture and the local language. He is a trained coffee professional with knowledge in coffee growing, processing, roasting, and classic barista work. Taylor is also working to create long lasting discipleship movements by sharing the Gospel.

Our role is to support coffee workers while generating opportunity and expanding the coffee market for farmers. This, in return, allows the coffee farmers and workers to elevate their wages and therefor create a sustainable livelihood for their families.

We believe that sourcing coffee in such manner and roasting with precision allows us to reflect the hard work of coffee farmers, producers, and folks working with coffee across the whole supply chain.

Coffee Tree GrowingThe other half of reflecting what's good is : bringing connection across the supply chain via visual storytelling.

We believe that storytelling has the potential to change and shift culture in a dynamic way. Whether we are sharing practical steps of brewing a cup of coffee, the hard work of coffee farmers, or how God is changing the lives of people across the globe; we aim to do this with striking visuals via photography and cinematography.

Mark Kutrovski, by trade and career, is a professional cinematographer and content creator. His ultimate dream is to film a documentary that reflects the God given identity and hard work of coffee producers.  

When we say "Reflect what's good," we believe this reflection is dynamic. Whether that's paying farmers sustainable wages so that they can take care of their families, or speaking the truth of their identity as children of God. 

What is your role?

You play an important part in this mission. Whether you are a daily coffee drinker or someone who serves coffee, whenever you purchase Mirror you are reflecting what's good. Every purchase allows us to roast more coffee, which then creates more demand for green coffee, and therefore allows farmers to receive their wages and the Gospel be shared. 

Thank you for partnering with us. Watch the video below for more detailed stories revealing our ethos. 

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