Aliye Majo - Ethiopia, Sidama ( 2lb )

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Producer: Aliye Majo
Region: Ethiopia, Sidama

Varietal: 74158 & 74112
Process: Natural Process
Reminds us of: Blackberry, Eucalyptus, Jammy
Recommended Brew Method: Pour Over & Aeropress

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Aliye Majo owns the wonderful farm in Sidama, Ethiopia. He's focused on quality and advancing the future of traceable, single-producer Ethiopian coffee. He's been putting effort into learning about advanced processing, financial management, and many other aspects of successful coffee production. The coffee cherries on his farm are harvested by hand-picking which is very labor intensive and has around 80 seasonal and daily laborers employed for selective harvesting, transporting, sorting, and drying. 

The work put in from the farm to the moment of export really shines through this coffee. When we first began to taste our first roasts of this coffee, it kept reminding us of a combination of berries, eucalyptus, and jam. It's almost like putting a spoonful of sweet jam into your mouth except to your surprise it's sip of this coffee from Aliye Majo. We're looking forward to hearing what this wild coffee reminds you of!