Desa Tolajuk - Indonesia, Sulawesi

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Region: Indonesia, Sulawesi
Produced In: Desa Tolajuk
Partnership: Two years 
Varietal: Typica
Process: Anaerobic Red Honey
Reminds us of: Dates, Molasses, Cacao
Recommended Brew Method: Pour over, espresso, & drip


  • $5.00 for 1 - 2 12oz bags
  • Free for 3 or more 12oz bags
  • Free for 5lb bags

Freshly picked, ripe cherry is purchased from dozen of farmers in the village of Desa Tolajuk. Each of these farmers have just a few hectares of coffee trees, and they come together to result in this anaerobic honey processed coffee. All coffee is hand sorted at multiple stages to ensure a high quality output.

This is our second year partnering with Sisola Coffee who shares our mission for sustainability, relationship, and adding value to the top of the supply chain. Sisola, which means "together" in the local Luwu language, paid farmers on average twice as much as other traders in the region. They are committed to investing back into these communities. 

This year, we're getting a similar flavor profile to last year's crop. We're picking up a lot of dried fruit, molasses, cacao, and dates. It has great sweetness with a full body mouthfeel.