Gogogu Bekaka - Ethiopia, Guji

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Region: Ethiopia, Guji
Washing Station: Gogogu Bekaka 
Varietal: Ethiopia Landraces
Process: Washed
Reminds us of: Blackberry, Cane Sugar, and Floral
Recommended Brew Method: Pour over and drip


  • $5.00 for 1 - 2 12oz bags
  • Free for 3 or more 12oz bags
  • Free for 5lb bags

Deep in the forest of Guji, this coffee comes from the Gogogu washing station. Grown at the highest elevation in all of Ethiopia at 2310 masl paired with Gogogu's meticulous processing method, this coffee is absolutely outstanding. The station is surrounded by smallholder farms that supply cherries to the mill.

Coffees coming through the washing station undergo a complex process. This includes leaving freshly peeled seeds underwater for 60 hours, vigorous washing in elongated channels, sorting the beans based on density, and then placed on drying beds before being placed in a storage warehouse. 

The first time this coffee hit our pallets, we couldn't help but smile. If you're an Ethiopian coffee lover or want to experience something wild, you might want to add this to your cart. This is packed with sweetness and complexity with a delightful, full body mouthfeel. 
It's reminding us of blackberries, cane sugar, and florals.