Kagumo AB - Kenya, Kirinyaga

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Region: Kenya, Kirinyaga
Processing Factory: Kagumo 
Varietal: SL 28, Batian, Ruiru
Process: Wet Process
Reminds us of: Cantaloupe, Limeade, Peach
Recommended Brew Method: Pour over and drip


  • $5.00 for 1 - 2 12oz bags
  • Free for 3 or more 12oz bags
  • Free for 5lb bags

At the base of Mount Kenya, fertile volcanic soil and freshwater streams fill the landscape. Within this landscape lie many coffee farms. Most farmers in Kenya are smallholders and are usually producing enough cherry for just a few bags. That's where the washing stations or factories play a vital role for these farmers.

Kenyan coffee's unique flavor profile comes not only from the ideal fertile terroir, but also the high commitment and attention to detail in processing these coffee cherries at their washing stations. Ripe cherries are brought to the factory by smallholder farmers for it to be processed and later sold. This is far from an individual effort, and primarily a community effort that results in such an outstanding coffee!

When we first tasted this coffee, its juiciness, bright acidity, and complex flavor profile instantly jumped out to us. This may not be the coffee for everyone, but if you're looking for a truly unique flavor profile that makes your mouth water, this is the one.
This coffee reminds us of cantaloupe, limeade, and peach.