Ruvumu #6 - Burundi, Kayanza

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Region: Burundi, Kayanza
Farm Lot: Ruvumu #6
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural
Reminds us of: Apricot, Strawberry Jam, Caramel
Recommended Brew Method: Pour Over, Drip, & Espresso


  • $5.00 for 1 - 2 12oz bags
  • Free for 3 or more 12oz bags
  • Free for 5lb bags

Burundi is home to about 600,000 - 800,000 coffee-producing families in five different regions. This lot specifically comes from the Burundi Seeds Specialty cooperative in the Kayanza region. The cooperative manages a processing facility where over 800 producers bring their cherries to be processed. 

This is our first ever Burundi coffee we've ever served on our menu. It comes from the lot #6 of the Ruvumu area. As we tasted numerous coffees in search of adding to the menu, this natural processed Burundi took us by surprise! It was sweet with a very pleasant mouthfeel and medium to big body. This coffee was reminding us of strawberries, apricots, caramel, and dried fruit. It was a coffee we had to share with others. It's well rounded and tastes great across many different brewers.