Who We Are

Mark & Sergei Kutrovski

Our coffee enlightenment changed everything. It was that one, memorable cup of coffee we were served at the local coffee shop that got us wondering what syrup they put in our drink only to find out that it was the coffee we were tasting. We were hooked and since then have committed years to discovering all the variables that make it taste this way.

After living on opposite sides of the country, we reunited in our small, but growing town of Bellingham, WA. It was then that we, two brothers, finally launched a coffee roasting operation of our own that was committed to excellence and meaningful change within the coffee industry. Roasting delicious coffees and building long term, sustainable relationships with producers at origin is at the core of what gets us up every morning.

Over the years, we’ve dialed in our roasting process and have made connections with people all around the world through coffee. The goal has always been to use coffee as a tool for change. Whether that’s a bag of coffee on a kitchen counter or creating sustainable, human focused sourcing practices that go far beyond generic marketing labels. We are beyond thrilled to be on this journey and helping you elevate your coffee experience.


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