Full House Coffee Box

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Current Coffee Bundle: Guatemala & 2x Burundi
The Full House Coffee Box saves you $1 from each bag and gets you free shipping.

We all live around some form of community. Sometimes it's as close as family in the same household or the three roommates we see everyday.
We eat from the same table, watch Netflix from the same couch, and walk out the same door for work. These are the coffees you will want to enjoy together.

The Full House Coffee Box is for the families, the roommates, the homies, the breakfast gatherings, and so much more.
Cheers to conversations, laughs, and good times around the table!

The Full House Coffee Box comes with two of our current offerings - Guatemala & Burundi. Their unique characteristics make it fun to taste side by side, and it keeps the grinder loaded for about 4-6 weeks depending on how much coffee is brewed.